Marloth 0.1 Manual


  • Marloth is a Roguelike Survival Horror game

  • Players explore a hostile world, gathering food and fighting monsters

  • This is an alpha version

  • There is currently no end-game

  • Each playthrough lasts until the player dies or resigns

The Player

  • At the start of a new game, the player can choose a profession

  • Each profession has a different weapon and varying stats



  • When a player's health reaches zero the player dies
  • Player health slowly drains over time
  • Players can gather food that is scattered throughout the world
  • Players can eat food by pressing the Use Item button ($$use-item)
  • Eating food restores health


  • When a player's energy reaches zero the player dies
  • Player energy slowly drains over time
  • Moving and other actions drain energy
  • A player's energy cannot be greater than the player's health


  • Players can sleep in a bed
  • Sleeping restores energy to the amount of health the player has
  • Sleeping drains some health
  • The more energy is regained, the more health is drained
  • After sleeping, the player awakes to a new world outside the house
  • The new world will contain fresh food to gather
  • The new world will contain most of the same monsters as the previous world, restored to life if they were dead
  • The quantity of monsters increases slightly with each new world


  • The world is populated with monsters that will attack you on sight
  • Monsters have health and energy like players do, and can die when either resource is depleted
  • Players can attack enemies but it drains much energy

Shadow Spirit

  • The Alchemist and Magician have the Shadow Spirit ability which can be activated with the Mobility button ($$ability-mobility)
  • Shadow Spirit allows the player to explore the world as a non-corporeal being
  • Shadow Spirit costs a little energy to activate
  • While in Shadow Spirit mode, the drain of energy over time and the energy cost of movement are both increased