Market Research

  • There is a fallacy that marketing only consists of communicating to customers
  • Marketing is divided into two parts: input and output
  • A bad marketer is someone who talks but doesn't listen
  • Market research is essential for businesses
  • It is easy for a company to neglect market research and simply guess at who the customers are, what they want, and what they need

Market Integration

  • There is a natural desire for product owners to create a product that requires the tech company to be in control over the customers
    • That desire is not healthy for either the tech company or the customer
    • That desire needs to be tamed
  • It is more effective to meet customers where they are at, creating a product that helps them in their own backyard
  • It is less effective to build a field of dreams that requires customers to leave their world and reside in yours in order for their needs to be met

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