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Die a Thousand Deaths

Marloth Rogue is a computer game being developed by Silent Orb. It's a first-person action/adventure featuring randomly generated worlds.

Download Version 0.3 - Light and Darkness

Change Log for Marloth Rogue 0.3

Gameplay Changes

  • Removed ambient light.
  • Added lamps and candles.
  • Children need light to see other characters. (Allowing basic stealth gameplay.)
  • Removed Book of Wind (wasn't really doing much.)
  • The player now has limited energy that is expended with movement.
  • Added HUD for health and energy.
  • Player can now only carry two items at a time, a primary and a secondary item.
  • Player can now carry two items of the same type. (Allowing for a double spike ball attack!)
  • Player can now drop items.
  • Player automatically drops primary item when grabbing a new item.
  • Improved Door interaction physics. (More like Frictional Games now.)
  • Living girl AI now only follows the player and doesn't try to flee zombie children.
  • Increased minimum prison size. (Was sometimes closet size.)
  • Improved child throwing.
  • Small refinements to the world generation logic.
  • Reduced player interaction range.
  • Tweaked character movement speeds.
  • Tweaked spike ball damage.

Cosmetic Changes

  • Redesigned some of the UI elements.
  • New loading screen.
  • Added credits window
  • Added help window
  • Added female zombie children
  • Added randomized clothing colors for the girls.
  • Added exit confirmation.
  • Reduced the size of the Marloth Title so it could better fit on 4:3 monitors.
  • Sometimes zombie children spawn on the ceiling. (It's a bug, but I like it.)

Notable Engine Changes

  • Rebuilt most of AI the system.
  • Rebuilt the feature placement system.
  • Integrated a Promises library.