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Silent Orb is a Christian digital media company. Here are our primary values:


Silent Orb exists to create Biblically sound products that glorify Jesus Christ. We are not here for our own glory. Any abilities we bring to the table have been given us by God. We are not worried that people with opposing worldviews may be repulsed when our products proclaim the Gospel of Christ, but we also believe that truths are sometimes better communicated implicitly than explicitly, so not all of our products are explicitly Christian.


Silent Orb is not flashy. We strive to make high quality products, but quality is not about having a huge budget. What matters is whether or not the product works, and that depends more on the artist than the tools. A truly great artist can make anything beautiful.

We are the underdogs. No matter how much the Lord blesses us with success and resources, we will always maintain a humble scale. There is a place for large corporations, but our role in this world is to remain compact and agile.


Silent Orb is dedicated to thinking outside of the box, challenging people to look at life from unusual perspectives, and filling needs not yet met. This often means targeting overlooked niches instead of trying to moderately please everyone.

Along the same lines, Silent Orb searches for workers the rest of the world overlooks. Be it eccentric misfits that struggle with industry politics, or mothers and fathers who have prioritized their family over a full-time artistic career, Silent Orb is largely comprised of individuals who do not fit the conventional mold of commercial art. This gives us both a fresh perspective and unique opportunities with which to innovate and serve.


Silent Orb exists to serve others. While our desire is to make a living, we will not sacrifice the integrity of our service for additional monetary gain. Although we make products that we ourselves enjoy, the happiness of our audience is our priority.

Our products are largely gifts to the world, and we only maintain a loose ownership over them. The amount of control we exert over our products is determined by what course of action would provide the most benefit to the world. If surrendering some control will allow a product to spread exponentially, we will do so, but if surrendering some control will cause our proclamation of Biblical truths to be distorted, we will not do so.